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For surface critical applications, Ferrolux provides quality that meets your toughest requirements.

Increase your yield and profits.

Ferrolux can handle the largest coils in the industry — up to 84″OD and 78″ wide — and yield outstanding edge-trimmed coils and slit mults in a wide range of gauges. We can:

  • Slit exposed & unexposed Cold Rolled, Hot-Dipped and Electro Galvanized, AHSS, Stainless, Aluminum
  • Process 20″ and 24″ ID coils both incoming and outgoing
  • Produce 20″ and 24″ ID finished coils up 70,000 lbs. to 78″ wide
  • Skid mults down to 4″ wide, with OD’s up to 72” and a max mult weight of 9,000 lbs

We give you increased flexibility and allow you to maximize your yield, minimize shipping cost and boost your profitability.

Proprietary arbor and tooling technology and a fully integrated drive system completely synchronizes the uncoiler, slitter, tension stand, and the recoiler. This provides the precise tension control necessary to produce the perfect material you need.

Oil can be electrostatically added during coil processing to meet your lubrication and coating weight specifications.

All surfaces that come in contact with your material, from C-hooks to turnstiles to coil cars, are urethane-covered for superior protection from marks, scrapes and scratches.