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In addition to superior quality and 100% on time delivery, Ferrolux provides all the extras you want from a steel processor.

To minimize damage and increase yields, all surfaces that come in contact with your material — from C-hooks to coil cars — are urethane-covered for exceptional protection from marks, scrapes and scratches.

Ferrolux also uses a full complement of communication options including:

  • EDI that meets the latest AISI standards
  • E-mail and Facsimile transmission of any necessary reports
  • Bar code tagging that meets AIAG B5 standards as well as other custom bar coding
  • Defect flagging/mapping is fed forward to ensure there are no quality surprises.

Bottom line: you can count on Ferrolux to provide a better product, capable of running defect-free on your equipment, and delivered on-time, for less money.