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Ferrolux Adds New Packaging Line for Skidded Narrow Mults

Ferrolux Metals announces the April start-up of a new packaging line which allows the company to now provide skidded narrow mults. The line was added to the company’s cold rolled slitter at their Gibraltar, Michigan facility.

The packaging line enhances material handling and increases thoughput while providing added protection for surface critical steel.

The new packaging line can process and skid mults with OD’s up to 72” and a max mult weight of 9,000 lbs. Mults down to 4″ wide, with narrower widths on inquiry.

The Ferrolux slitter processes Exposed and Unexposed Cold Rolled, Hot-Dipped and Electro Galvanized, Advanced High Strength Steels, Stainless, and Aluminum in gauges from .015″- .156″.

Ferrolux can handle the largest coils in the industry — up to 84ʺOD and 78ʺ wide — providing customers with greater flexibility and increased yield, while delivering outstanding edge-trimmed and slit steel in a wide range of gauges.









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